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The Waypoint Approach

We are educators.

At Waypoint, we are educators, first and foremost, and because of that we believe in the potential of each individual to learn and grow. We believe that we all have valuable insight and experiences. And we all have the responsibility to work towards a better, more just future.


We take a developmental approach. 

We build on the strengths you already have, and meet you where you are. Navigating difference is not about being right or wrong, good or bad, but understanding, with increasing complexity, individuals and the institutions and systems we inhabit. Because of our life experiences, we all may approach difference…differently. And understanding how we, ourselves, approach difference is an important and necessary first step to effectively navigating it. At Waypoint, we utilize the Intercultural Development Inventory® to help us do that. Waypoint seeks to build your individual and organizational capacity to navigate difference by offering customized learning experiences that offer you and your organization the appropriate amount of challenge and support, meeting you where you are, and supporting you on your journey.


We encourage curiosity and humility.

Our Foundational Series, coupled with and assessment called the Intercultural Development Inventory, allows us to explore our own “cultural selves”, taking into account the many “differences that make a difference” from our generation, our regional or national origin, our economic class, our race, our gender identity, and the many other aspects that make us who we are. How is it that I experience the world in this way and someone else experiences it completely differently? What does that mean for individuals, institutions, and communities? What don’t I know I don’t know…and how can I find out? What blind spots might I have…and what can I do about that?


We seek to transform.

Waypoint is not in the business of “checking boxes”. We work with clients–groups or individuals– deeply committed to building their capacity to navigate difference effectively and leveraging the unique strengths that diverse perspectives bring to a group. We work with organizations who want their employees to feel a sense of belonging and those organizations that want to serve all populations effectively, appropriately, and impactfully.


We guide in service of action.

All the learning in the world is in vain if it stays in our minds or in our meeting rooms. We learn so that we can act in a way that aligns our intention and our impact, that transforms. Too often, individuals and organizations take action without fully understanding the cultural and power contexts of themselves, others, or the world around them. Action without knowledge can be more dangerous and damaging than no action at all. It can do more harm than good–we’ve seen it happen. It is for this reason that Waypoint believes deeply in the alignment of our intention and our impact and in supporting those we serve to be in alignment on that, as well. 


We ask the question, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be effective?”

In our years of doing this work, one thing we know for sure is that communication and the effectiveness of this work break down when people prioritize being right over being effective. In your DEI work, you may, indeed, be “right”, but if you don’t have the skills to be effective, to navigate the differences that make a difference effectively, then your DEI goals will fall short and DEI initiatives will backfire. So consider…”Do I want to be right or do I want to be effective?” And let us support you. You don’t have to go it alone.


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